In planning a funeral, the cemetery element includes the selection of a burial site or columbarium niche, the arrangement for opening and closing of the grave or niche, and if cremation is selected, the arrangements for performing the cremation.

Fernhill’s caring staff is prepared to meet with families at their convenience to discuss the available options and determine their needs.

Families with a firm understanding of the services they require are provided with the options and the associated pricing. Arrangements can be finalized in one visit.

In other cases, a family’s first visit may be for fact-finding purposes and they may wish to think about all the options before they make a decision.

In all instances, Fernhill ensures the planning process is suited to the family.

Once a site is decided upon, it may be purchased outright, or it may be purchased through Fernhill’s three-year, interest free Purchase Plan.

After the site selection process is completed, arrangements for opening and closing the site selected and/or to perform the cremation may be made. Families are informed of the associated fees for the services and how the process works; once paid in full, the funds are set aside in a trust account, and are drawn upon only when the service(s) is performed.

Pre-arranging these services often makes economic sense because the cost is fixed at the time of arrangement, representing a significant savings and minimal inconvenience at a most sensitive time. Families can be comforted with knowing that once the prepayment is made, these important service arrangements will be in place when the services are ultimately needed.